domingo, agosto 13, 2006

Regina Belle_Lazy Afternoon (2004)

1) Lazy Afternoon
2) Fly Me To The Moon
3) What Are You Afraid Of
4) If I Ruled The World
5) Corcovado
6) There's A Love
7) Why Do People Fall In Love
8) For The Love Of You
9) If I Should Lose You
10) Moanin'
11) The Man I Love
12) Try A Little Tenderness

Regina Belle is a superior R&B/soul singer with a strong voice, a subtle style (although she can go over the top when it fits the music), and a solid sense of swing and dynamics. What is particularly unusual about this set for the Concord pop subsidiary Peak is the repertoire. Over half of the songs are jazz standards, and it is a particular treat hearing Belle's soulful renditions of such songs as "Lazy Afternoon," "Corcovado," "Moanin'," and "The Man I Love." The music is not really jazz (although it hints at it), but the jazz tunes give Belle an opportunity to stretch both herself and the format a bit. George Duke is a major asset as both a producer and a keyboardist, Everette Harp takes a few tenor and alto solos, and the Perry Sisters contribute some powerful background vocals on half of the tracks.
Review by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

By my friend Bocayuva
Regina Belle_Lazy Afternoon

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