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Rod McKuen Sings Jacques Brel (1992)

1) Come, Jef
2) If You Go Away
3) The Lovers
4) The Far West
5) Zangra
6) Song Without Words
7) (The Port Of) Amsterdam
8) I’m Not Afraid
9) To You
10) The Statue
11) The Women
12) Les Bourgeois
13) Les Amants De Coeur (The Lovers) Sung By Brel
14) Seasons In The Sun

Rod McKuen first met Jacques Brel in 1964. Being a longtime admirer of Brel, McKuen had made an (unauthorized) translation of Le Moribond called Seasons in the Sun. Brel liked the recording and the result was a friendship that lasted until Brel’s death in 1975.
The 14 songs presented here were written over a 17 year period and most of them were never meant to be just translations. Brel an McKuen regarded them as collaborations. Notably track 3 and 13: The Lovers. This original McKuen song was on the flipside of his Seasons In The Sun record. Brel liked it so much, that he adapted it for his personal use. Track 13 is Brel’s recording of the song, taped in Paris in 1964.
The recordings for this CD were made over a long period at various places (London, Amsterdam) and are in part live recordings

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Rod McKuen Sings Jacques Brel_part1
Rod McKuen Sings Jacques Brel_part2
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