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Marlene Dietrich - Dietrich in Rio (1959)

01.Look Me Over Closely
02.You’re The Cream In My Coffee
03.My Blue Heaven
04.The Boys In The Backroom
05.Das Lied Ist Aus
06.Je Tire Ma Reverence
07.Alright, Okay, You Win
08.Makin’ Whoopee !
09.I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face
10.One For My Baby
11.Maybe I’ll Come Back
12.Luar Do Sertão

Billboard” reported on August 3, 1959: Columbia Records taped Marlene Dietrich’s night club act at the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro last week. “Cash Box” added on August 8 that the LP will be called “Dietrich in Rio”
The record was published in March 1960 in Mono (WL-164) and Stereo (WS 316) alike. At that time one had to pay one dollar more for the Stereo record. The mono version is acceptable, the stereo is scarcely any improvement noted the monthly “High Fidelity”. The New York issue of “High Fidelity” also had the shortest review: Interest: Poor repertoire; Performance: Dietrich; Recording: Splendid. Otherwise critics liked the record. The review I like most is the one by Louella Parsons which talks about photographer Armstrong-Jones (who didn’t shoot the photos) and adds a lot of gossip but says nothing about the record at all.
It has been speculated that this isn’t a Live Recording. There are some manuscripts in MDCB in an envelope with the handwritten title: Between talks for Columbia Album Oct-Nov 1959. This suggests that the intros were recorded later. On one of these mansucripts it says: Either after song 6 first side or as encore second side applause finale.

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lovely! thanks a lot :)

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pls share on other filehosting
rapidshare deleted files/albums with Marlene Dietrich. :(((
thank you.

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link dead again

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paola, boa tarde
procuro por este cd da marlene ha muito
pode postar outro link, para que eu possabaixa-lo

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