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Doctor 3_The Songs Remain the Same (1999)

01. Danny Boy (Traditional)/ Bye Bye Blackbird (Ray Henderson)
02. Put The Blame on Mame (Fisher-Roberts)
03. I Wou to Thee my Country (David Holst)/ With or Without You (U2)
04. The Endless Enigma part I (K.Emerson-G.Lake)/ I Will (Lennon-McCartney)
05. Stelle di Stelle (Claudio Baglioni)/ Tale Nine (Rea-Pietropaoli-Sferra)/
L' Uomo In Frak (Domenico Modugno)
06. A Salty Dog (Reid-Brooker)/ Buzzy (C.Parker)
07. The Sheltering Sky Theme (R.Sakamoto)
08. Washing of the Water (Peter Gabriel)
09. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Martin-Blane)
10. Starway to Heaven (Page-Plant)/ Cam Camini (R. Sherman)
11. I Sogni Son Desideri (David-Hoffman-Livingston)

Danilo Rea - piano
Enzo Pietropaoli - double bass
Fabrizio Sferra - drums

By Massimo da Milano
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