sábado, agosto 05, 2006

Vera Lynn_We'll Meet Again_CD1

1. We'll Meet Again
2. Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye)
3. Bells Of St.Mary's
4. Harbour Lights
5. Mexicali Rose
6. Wishing (Will Make It So)
7. I'll Pray For You
8. I Shall Be Waiting
9. After A While
10. That Lovely Weekend
11. Be Like The Kettle And Sing
12. Yours
13. Maybe
14. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
15. A Mother's Prayer At Twilight
16. I Paid For the Lie That I Told You
17. Little Sir Echo
18. Goodnight, Wherever You Are
19. I'll Think Of You
20. Up The Wooden Hill To Bedfordshire
21. So Many Memories
22. Cinderella (Stay In My Arms)
23. Two Sleepy People
24. Really And Truly

By Bocayuva
Vera Lynn_We'll Meet Again_CD1

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