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Salena Jones_Jobim With The Jobim’s (1994)

1. I Was Just One More For You
2. Agua De Beber
3. Useless Landscape
4. Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars
5. Somewhere In The Hills
6. Dindi
7. Desafinado
8. How Insensitive
9. Girl (Boy) From Ipanema
10. Once I Loved
11. Meditation
12. One Note Samba
13. Bonita
14. Song Of The Jet

Product Description
Production Jvc/Hpi - Rio De Janeiro 1994. Jobim's Hits Sung in English.
Piano and Voice by Tom Jobim
Guitar and Arrangements by Paulo Jobim
Special Participation of Daniel Jobim.

By TRX324
Salena Jones_Jobim With The Jobim’s

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