sábado, maio 20, 2006

Serge Gainsbourg_Aux Armes et Caetera

1) Aux armes et caetera
2) Lola rastaquouère
3) Vieille canaille
4) Daisy temple
5) Des laids des laids
6) Ecce homo
7) La nostalgie camarade
8) Bana basadi balalo
9) Negusa nagast
10) Dieu fumeur de havanes
11) Love on the beat
12) Harley David son of a bitch
13) Somrry angel
14) Lemon incest
15) You're under arrest
16) Aux enfants de la chance
17) Mon légionnaire

Serge Gainsbourg_Aux Armes et Caetera

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Blogger Miss F disse...

what a thrill to find so many Serge Gainsbourg here!!! which among these albums would you particularly recommend? I have heard the Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin album and it was absoluetly enthralling, mad and intensely beautiful.

thanks a lot.

domingo, maio 21, 2006 1:08:00 AM  

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